Welcome to Ottawa’s latest makerspace! Visit Hack613!

This is your chance to learn about 3d printing, CNClaser machines, Arduino, soldering, electronics and more. A place to collaborate, help each other and advance your skills and projects! Build new connections and have fun!

This small pilot project will start immediately and run till the end of the year.




Application Quota

4:16 PM 2017-04-28 100%

2:31 PM 2017-04-26 15%

2:09 PM 2017-04-26 7%

noon PM 2017-04-26 1/2 of a percent!

10:33 AM 2017-04-26 0%


Reddit Thread

6 Responses to “Hack613

  • Well done!

  • What size CNC routers will be in place?

    • That’s to be determined. I’ve got a couple small ones to start off with.

      It will be determined by who signs up…. and who attends the social activities….

  • would depend on location if MORE accessible the different options are in locations – would like to know exact locations before I sign up as I am member of another co working space Thanks Vivian

    • The location is in the post, bank/somerset.