Portraits of 20 Ottawa Icons. Please comment with your suggestion of how to improve this list!

This project is in progress. Below is the current work queue.

I suppose we need a definition of what “iconic” means. I popped this out of a dictionary. We could revise it or come up with additional criteria and exclusions. Perhaps try and have a stratified sample (representation from various areas). The we just need to make a list of the areas of interest (example: art, architecture, etc.)

  • widely recognized and well-established
    • an iconic brand name
  • widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence
    • an iconic writer
    • a region’s iconic wines

Jim Watson

Justin Trudeau

Leonard Lee

Francis Itani

Bill Teron

Sandra Oh

Gordon Reid

Daniel Alfredsson

Estrellita Karsh

Colonel John By

Dan Akroyd

China Doll

Johnny Vegas

Jack Purcell

Thomas D’Arcy McGee

Frank Gervais

Alex Trebek

Fred Rose

China Spy

Mike Duffy

Kevin Vickers

Norm MacDonald

Robert Gautier


The Garlic King

U of O hot dog guy

stopwatch gang


3 Responses to “Icon

  • Drop Trudeau. He is too political. I think your list needs more focus — personally, I would also get rid of Watson. Ottawa has had mayors come and go. You need to look at real contributions! Bill Teron is an example. Also Gordon Reid — the founder of Giant Tiger (one of the last independent retail chains and amazingly successful. What about writers and artists — Francis Itani is an example.

    • By the way, Gird Reid is about 85. He still goes into work and buys all of his clothes at Giant Tiger —
      Leonard Lee (Lee Valley Toois) was another Ottawa icon, but he has now died.
      There are some important Ottawa architects — Sullivan? Another was recently featured in Ottawa magazine. Page back issues for ideas.

      • Excellent suggestions! Thanks!

        I’m gonna add some stuff based on it! I’m just on the road now will do it tomorrow!