red-1000The recent rooster inlay came out pretty nice so I decided to try more experiments. Do you have some simple subject matter you’d like me to try?

I want to try a portrait but I think I’ll try something easier first. Perhaps something a little curvier. This pair of red dance shoes came out to about sixty parts. A little more than I hopped but I think it will work and look great in different colors of wood. We’ll see what the reddest wood I have is. As things stand I’ll have to use a 1/32″ endmill (cutter) for some of it. I may modify the drawing so it can all be done with 1/16″. We’ll see how energetic I am.

The wall behind will be cut from the same piece of wood so the grain matches like a real wall. Of course this means the leg cuttaways become extra wood. So I’m looking for a few other projects to cut out at the same time so I can increase the efficiency and have less for the wood bin.


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