Flying Birthday Card!

It’s here! The Johnny Vegas All Star Paper Plane!

Download your Johnny Vegas All Star Paper Plane and print several copies on your laser or inkjet printer.

Fold Number 1: Hold the plane up so you can see Johnny Vegas upside right facing towards you. Notice there is a line across the page labeled as “1”. We are going to fold along that line.


Complete the fold by placing his face against the table and folding away from you. Below you can see the completed fold.

Fold Number 2: ¬†Lift up the edge of the paper and notice the fold line labeled as “2”. Fold away from you along that line.



Fold Number 3: Repeat another fold along the line labeled as “3”. Below you can see all three folds completed.


Curve the thick edge by picking it up and bending it at various spots until it is mostly curved. Some people try to run their finger along the seam while curving it but you have to be careful you don’t creep the fold positions. So so it in steps.


Temporarily unbend the very last fold but only at the very ends.


Join the two ends together by sliding one fold into the other. Notice in the picture below, there are no folds showing on the right side being joined. The left side slides upward into the folds of the right.


Refold the unfolded part then you can run your fingers around the seem to round it out and tighten the folds a bit.


You are now ready for some old fashioned paper plane flying! Shoot the Johnny Vegas All Star Paper Plane like a football. Johnny should go sailing head first into the wild blue yonder. Shoot level. Relax and bend your knees using a complete upper body motion.

Happy Birthday Johnny Vegas!


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