Little Dipper

I worked on the small robot made from found parts. I’ve been calling it “Little Dipper” so I guess that will be it’s name till I come up with something else. And the bigger one seems to have become “Big Dip”.

I have three types of ink and several types of acrylic paint on-hand. I tried the ink with a small brush. From left to right in the photo there is acrylic inc, fountain pen ink and India ink.

Little Dipper

  • I stress tested the motors, servo on various voltages. I found I could run it as low as 6V and it seemed to be okay. So I ordered a 6.5V, 2a supply. I should have that this week. These are some pretty light weight motors from a scanner. They’re geared but I’m a little concerned. If worse comes to worse, I will add some counter┬áballast┬áto the system.
  • I did some CAD work to come up with the details of the gantry.
  • I figured out the motor, servo and pulley mounting.
  • I started to cut the parts out on the laser but ran into some problems. I’d try again but it’s late in the evening. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Big Dip

  • The rails came in but the package was short of linear bearings. I’ve taken that up with supplier and expect them the coming week.
  • The timing pulleys and belt have arrived.

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