Morse Code Business Card

Here’s a business card prototype I made today that has an LED and a piezoelectric transducer. It has a Morse Code table as well so you can send signals with it. 🙂

I’ve made other cool business cards.

Here’s my laser cutter doing a different card a while back:

to “Morse Code Business Card

  • That is really cool. Now I’m wondering if different LEDs with different mcd values might give even brighter flashes.
    This is definitely on my Christmas wish list.


  • Hi Doug,

    I found that the ones with lower voltages were the amber (the ones I used). Red and green are supposed to be lower voltage too but the ones I had didn’t give much of a flash.

    When it’s dark it’s not too bad. I had them at the pub last night and they were okay.

    Notice I managed to go with single layer so the fab step is pretty easy. In fact the card holds everything in place when soldering since I put the legs of the LED through the cardboard congregations.

  • One idea I had (but I’ve not got an elegant solution for) is to mount only half of the PT. Then people could twang on it like a juice harp.

    The current system the Piezo is suspended at two sides from the cardboard so if you press it against the table like a button it is flexing…