Painting Robot First Brush Strokes

I was able to get little dipper to move some paint around with the brush! Here it is making two whole brush strokes!

I decided to make the code on the machine very light weight and have the environment do all the heavy computational work.  For instance with this test I ran the following through the serial port to the machine using It’s a  bit like g-code. I may as well make it more like g-code. I just cooked this language up on the fly.

d0 w2000 19000 z77 x2500 z0 w2000 20000 z77 x2500 z0 w0 18000

It translates to:
Dip in color zero
Advance to 2000,19000
Brush pressure 77/80
Advance to 2400, 19000
Raise brush
Advance to 2000,20000
Brush pressure 77
Advance to 2500, 2000
Raise brush
Move to 0, 18000

to “Painting Robot First Brush Strokes

  • Wow! That is awesome! The painting robot is on it’s way! Soon it might even paint molten mozzarella cheese on a pizza! So, I see this version does not run on any x or y-axis rails, just on wheels.

  • The rails are at the top. There is a pair of rails for the gantry. And the truck on the gantry rides on two rails too. The little wheel at the end of the gantry comes off and it isn’t needed.

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