Painting Robot First Brush Strokes

I was able to get little dipper to move some paint around with the brush! Here it is making two whole brush strokes!

I decided to make the code on the machine very light weight and have the environment do all the heavy computational work.  For instance with this test I ran the following through the serial port to the machine using It’s a  bit like g-code. I may as well make it more like g-code. I just cooked this language up on the fly.

d0 w2000 19000 z77 x2500 z0 w2000 20000 z77 x2500 z0 w0 18000

It translates to:
Dip in color zero
Advance to 2000,19000
Brush pressure 77/80
Advance to 2400, 19000
Raise brush
Advance to 2000,20000
Brush pressure 77
Advance to 2500, 2000
Raise brush
Move to 0, 18000

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