Parol Lantern Frame 2015


2014 Parol Lantern from 14″ kit.

This is my third year making Parol Lanterns. I started the project for fund raising when Huricane Haiyan ravaged the Philippines on November 11 of 2013.

This year I am making 23″ hardboard Parol frames. These wooden frames are $30 each. Contact me to order these kits (

The new frame snap together in a minute and can come apart. If the decorations get damaged, they can be torn off and the frame easily collapsed for storage. You can glue it as well.

Here are a few pictures of the design and prototyping.

Previous Parol Versions

In 2013 I made 10, 14 and 24″ Parol kits. There was a flat 10″ for young children. In 2014 I made 14″ kits (still a few in stock). You can see the entire Parol project.

There are free templates you can download on the 2013 page. If you want to design your own here is a quick video I did of how to make a basic frame that fits together.

Assembling the 2014 Parol Lantern:

I’d like to make real interactive lighting system that can (among other things) synchronize light patterns between numerous Parols. Doug of DNC Labs has already done ground work for a modular system and I think combined with some sensors and programming it could be very attractive. Contact me if interested (


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Published May 25, 2015

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