Pee-O-Matic 1000

Is your puppy struggling with house training?

Don’t worry Pee-O-Matic is here!

I made this from cardboard and can’t explain why I feel compelled to post it.

  1. Cut it to strips about 3 inches wide.
  2. Run a half cut down the center so it will fold nicely into an “L” profile (aka “angle”).
  3. Glue together, camp with clothespins or tape.
  4. Add garbage bag. Clamp from bottom. Turn clothes pins inside out for better reach.
  5. Add whatever he likes to pee on and deploy.

Meet Tau, the American Eskimo. He is a great helper.

Here he is learning the basics of aerodynamics. He’s still a little baffled but I think he will catch on.

to “Pee-O-Matic 1000

  • nice idea…have shared it with my co workers who have an 11 week old Border Terrier pup who has become part of the office team.