Pink Floyd Clock

This will be auctioned to the highest bidder as of noon (EST) December 22. Bidding starts at $5.

Please bid by leaving a comment below.

For viewing follow contact link.

For more clocks see the record clock project page.

to “Pink Floyd Clock

    • Vicki, thanks so much for the bid! Looks like another person won it though.

      • damn this would have been a sick gift for my girl obsessed with PF. next time

  • $30 , need a gift for my brother and he is a huge floyd fan

  • 10 more minutes or so…

    • If we do end up meeting near IKEA , give me a place and we should be there by about 1:30 at the latest.

  • Craig, looks like you won. Okay, lets meet at Sonnys. It’s just behind the ikea in the little stripmall that has a pizza joint. You can probably hop the fence but I walk around. 🙂 I may take till 1:45 or 2p. Is that okay?

    • Yay , okay , googled it , know where it is , will be there at 1: 45 , thank you.

      • Thanks for dropping by.

        Enjoy that record clock! It takes pretty long to cut out all those bricks but they can make a nice shadow..

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