Spirograph Business Cards

I wanted to make my own version of Lady Ada’s Spirograph business card so I picked up this ~2mm material is from Wallacks. I’ve made a few and they have been really fun. One of the best of all my business cards.


The parts don’t stay together before or after deployment. For before deployment I think I need to leave some tabs of material left behind. For after deployment I think there will be a mechanism using a rubber band or an envelope.

Simplified CNC Version

Here’s the CNC version. I’m cutting these out of CD cases. I have CD cases leftover from making jewelry from CDs.

In one of the pictures you can see them along side my Spindle Adapter Business Cards and my Record Cover business cards.

I want to make more tries at this one. I want to get it fast to make and I want to figure out how the parts can be kept together after people have played around with it…


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