CNC613: Ottawa CNC!

CNC613 is a group of CNC enthusiasts in Ottawa.

Here’s a quick video of the machine in action!


What’s a CNC Cutter/Engraver?

It’s an great way to cut or engrave many materials. They’re more affordable than lasers and work with more materials.

They can also make circuit boards.

Or you can attach other tools such as a pen!

CNC613 Purpose

Useful desktop CNC cutters have become affordable for individuals and hackspaces but with the hype of 3D printers they are often overlooked.

This project is to give people guidance and experience so they can get through the learning curve quickly.

Also to offer the technology in a communal environment so they can see different applications and share within a wider community. This experience will allow them to become comfortable with purchasing a machine or continue communally.

The scope is limited to softer materials such as hardboard, acrylic (plexiglass), poly-carbonate (lexan), cardboard, woods, plastics, vinyl, and so forth with cutters 1/8″ diameter and less. The scope is also directed towards free or opens source software tool chains. People can cut what they want but workshops and any support will be focused on these constraints.

The audience is artists, makers, engineers and everybody who wants to join the maker movement and increase knowledge and experience in making things.


Generic 6040 three axis systems are affordable and very useful.


Endmills (cutters) are not included people will use their own endmills.


CNC Software Toolchain

I’ll be showing how to use Sketchup with Sketch-u-cam to do cutting on the CNC machine. That process is described on the Software Toolchain page.


These are the cutters. They range from $1 to $20 mostly around $5-12 and can be procured locally and mail ordered.

Local supplier: Leger Tools near Lee Valley

Mail Order: Ebay (various suppliers).

Not to endorse any brand or seller but I’ve had some good luck buying from drillman1 on ebay.

V-carve example:

Recommended Starting Kit

This machine will have an ER11 chuck which means that it accepts 1/8″ shank endmills.

  • 1/8″ two flute
  • 1/16″ two flute downcut (10) – 1/16″ (.0625″) CARBIDE 2 FLUTE ENDMILLS, DOWNCUT FOR SOFT PLASTIC
  • 1/32″ two flute downcut ((10) – 0.80mm (.0315″) CARBIDE 2 FLUTE ENDMILLS, SOFT PLASTIC – DOWNCUT)


endmill suggestions:

list of vendors:

Changing the cutter:

About cutters

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  • Interested in the CNC project and the training.


  • Interested in being ping’d. Ping me.

  • Please keep me informed too!

  • I am interested… currently working on building my own machine… but it may take me quite some time. I have my $100 in hand!!

    Darcy – Thanks for taking the initiative on this!

    • The pricing is just a thought… I was thinking that was a good price level…

  • interested! woo!

  • Hi Darcy,

    I’d like to participate in this CNC sharing project. Let me know details and if\when it is a go.



  • I’m definitely interested in the shared machine and the training. Let me know. Cheers.


  • @OttawaPete from Twitter here – definitely interested in this.

  • Certainly interested in this initiative. Would take the training but would be more likely to use and pay for on a per-use basis rather than membership based. Some cost and booking structure could be defined for that type of use.
    In any case. I’ll be keeping an eye on this initiative. Interesting. Thanks.

  • Interested as well.

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