CNC 6040

I’ve revived the Marauder simple CNC design project so I wanted to look look at the specifications of the machines I’ve been using. It can help guide some of the parameters of the new machine.

Here’s a rough summery of how to use CNC machines. It’s due for a rewrite but it shows a bit of my software process. Dust is an issue with these machines but it’s solvable! Check out my dust control article. It also has a list of a few CNC projects a the bottom! Also, you may be interested in 3D printing or CNC laser.

Here are some details of my CNC machines.

Chinese CNC 6040

Swarf EverywhereThis thing is a real gem.

It was dead on arrival. It had a bent spindle shaft and some bent metal and the electrical worked only intermittently. I repaired it and eventually all electrical was replaced by a Xylotex 4-axis kit system.

These are the specifications (I think, I need to verify if this from a quote from another machine I considered)

  • Dimension: 900*650*450mm
  • XYZ rails, 20mm, 16mm supported, 13mm
  • Drive unit: 1605 ball bearing linear + cased muff coupling
  • Driving Units: 1605 Ball Screws (20, 16, 13mm)
  • 6061 aluminum alloy + 6063 Industrial aluminum
  • Work area: 580mm x 400mm x 60mm
  • Max thickness of the material: 790mm (distance between Z axis and bottom of work station)
  • Work station: 750*480mm
  • Spindle motor: C57 300W DC motor, used, from USA, super-low noise, speed 3000-9000, ER11 3.175 collet
  • Spindle accuracy: radial runout 0.03mm
  • Control box (electrical): 3977 3-axis control box with the power supply + spindle speed regulator
  • Engraving speed: 0-2500mm/min
  • Idle load speed: 0-5000mm/min
  • Resetting accuracy: better than 0.03mm
  • Engraving accuracy: better than 0.04mm, has been tested
  • Stepper motor: New 2.8A two-phase 57 stepper motor
  • Weight: 60KG
  • Power: 110V

Here’s one of the earlier jobs I ran on this machine.

HDPE CNC Machine

I bought this machine near Montreal.

  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • 0.75″ shaft with super-oilite self-lubricating bronze bushings (inside HDPE bloc)
  • 1/2-10 Acme Lead Screws
  • 24 t-nuts threaded steel (1/4-20) inserts for convenient fastening of the workpiece.
  • This model allows you to change the sleeves blocks for real  bearings block (TWA12UU, SPB12 etc).
  • Table size: 26 x 20.5 (inches)
  • Travels: X-13.0 Y-16.0 Z-4.0 (Inches)


X-Box Controller.

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