DIY Valentines Cards

This technique is easy and fun.

I created some cardboard templates (right). I find if there is a shiny surface it goes a little further before water starts to penetrate it. The stuff I came across was shiny on both sides.

I cut some of these by hand and some using a laser cutter. The ones made on the laser cutter need to be wiped before use. Unless you like carbon on your work-piece. 🙂

IMG_3006-1000What I do is put the template over the card face. Then there are a couple of different things that seem to work well.

  • Spray a mist of water, then add some watered down watercolor. It will have quite a bit of capillary action depending on the type of paper.
  • Add paint, then add water.
  • Just add paint.

You have to lift the template straight up. And if you move the card for drying keep it level or it may drip.

On some cards I would use more than one template so I let it dry between steps. That’s easy. I just lined them up and by the time I’ve done the last one, the first one is dry.

Also, wipe the template right after using. If you have enough templates rotate them so they don’t get too much water.

The cards I made have three parts. The card body, face and liner. I cut them on a sheer cutter like the ones you find next to photocopy machines.

I had a bunch of cutoffs from another card making project so I made mini cards out of them as well.

Also I came up with a better envelope compared to the last sessions of making Christmas cards.

I also made a sympathy card. Actually the plan was to finish all my cards for the year. I guess that might happen next session. I realize now that this technique is very fast so it’s a matter of making the templates for all the different card themes.

I had started to work on some pop-up cards. I guess that will come forward in another session. It turns out to be pretty fun to do the water color stuff and it’s highly efficient with the template system.

Feb 4th I went to a senior home and made some more card. There were some kids from grade 6 there helping out as well.


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