Hack Ur Business Cards

I created a fixture for stacking and laser cutting business cards. So once I have a persons contact information or if the card is very old I can hack them into a new card.

I think this is much better than disposal of old cards once they’ve been scanned or become old.

Because the outline is already cut they come out faster than normal laser cut business cards.


  • Old boxes of obsolete business cards.
  • Material that’s been cut on a paper cutter.
  • Material that’s already the same size as business cards.
  • Existing business cards.
  • Repairing cards that were made in a previous process.

So far this has been really well received.┬áPeople think it’s cool to reuse and they come out nice.

Published on: May 25, 2014 @ 19:12

to “Hack Ur Business Cards

  • Really cool looking cards.