Hey Kids! Squiggly Draw!

IMG_5474-1000I just made this Spirograph-like toy! I can’t seem to put it down. It’s for a 5y old birthday gift. Her’s is acrylic but I made another from hardboard for me so we wont fight…

I did it in Sketchup (using WoodGears Gear Generator).

There are two series of holes. One for small narrow markers and stuff and another for big fat ball points. Both the acrylic and hardboard are 1/8″ thick material.

As you can see in the pictures it is a blast.

Squiggly Draw appeared in the Ottawa Makerfaire at the Ottawa Libraries booth.

If anybody would like the source files, feel free to ask and I’ll post here. squiggly



to “Hey Kids! Squiggly Draw!

  • Ask… 😉 This sounds like it might keep the kids occupied for a few hours during our next camping trip. Best of all it’s pretty much free since I have a pile of scrap hardboard just waiting for a use! LOL

    • Hi Dave, thanks fr the request. Just fishing for the files…

    • Okay, posted…

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