Light Ideas


Light is your friend.

This is a collection of ideas for interactive and immersive light installations.

These are things I’m interested in doing that could be deployed at a festival or a club.

Interactive Projector

A projector is a great way to get imagery onto floors, walls, the ground and buildings.

Sensors can be installed to detect motion, proximity of people and so forth to drive interactive video.

Here are a few random examples.

I think with a system like this it’s possible to have marketing and other messages.

Light Painting

This is a fun activity using a tripod and a long exposure.

The general public can try this and have the images sent to them. Or they can run an app on their cell phone to capture their own images.

There are two flavors. One is to move lights around. The other is to shine light onto the scene to expose which ever part of the scene you want.

Networked Super Pixels


This is a fun way to have little lights that can stick with a magnet. People can move them around.

Throwie Ballons


Throwie Parachute

Throwies can be dropped from an elevator or a high area so people can fetch them.

Spinning Mirror Laser


Mini Projectors w. LED

Throwies can be combined with a small fixture so they can project a small message. This could be wearable and the screen could be the person you’re conversing ith.

Flashlight Projectors

Add more power to project onto walls.

Drone w. Camera and Projector

A drone can carry a camera which is projected on a wall. We have a drone at many of our Arduino meetups. You have to scroll forward to see it.

Balloon Cam

This is the legal version of the drone. 🙂

Floor Light Robots

Small robots can roam the floor or sidewalks giving off light.

POV Bike Lights

Secret IR

Various tiny LED based IR projectors will make messages that can only be seen with cell phone.

This will not only create a fun puzzle or hunt (and art) but will encourage people to take pictures with their cell phones and digital cameras.


Projector onto Cloud or Smoke

Check out Show Lou’s awesome projector project.


Published Dec 30, 2014 @ 02:33



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