I really like throwies. As you can see it’s listed in my idea page for light installations. I’ve got them on my mind since I made some cake stands for a wedding and I used them in there.

Here’s an idea I’ve been tossing around for some time (that’s barely a pun).

The plan is to make little acrylic animals that click together for broaches or necklaces.

This is a test to see if my technique for LED mounting works.. and to test light propagation…

I had an opportunity to make these into necklaces with some kids but I forgot the lanyards/string. I grabbed some plastic cups thinking I could split one of them into strips. The kids put he lights into the cups which makes a cool diffuser. I didn’t want the kids to loose them so I attached them to the kids with tape. Presto, instant light party. I also showed the kids how to do light painting with a camera.


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