Make Your Own Christmas Cards

I needed to write a thank you note so I decided to make a card rather than buy one.

I cut a snow flakeĀ onto some nice paper and then added a white liner using a small amount of wood glue.

I made the flake by searching google images for “snow flake”. I loaded an image into InkScape and manually traced the outline. I saved it as a PDF and sent the PDF to the laser cutter. I used a large shear cutter to cut the paper and the liner.

You could cut the snow flake with an knife and cutting mat but I used a CNC laser.

No more trips to the store for birthday or Christmas cards for me.

3 Responses to “Make Your Own Christmas Cards

  • Now you just need to cut an envelope on the laser and you will be all set! šŸ˜‰

    I had picked up some blank cards from Dollar Rama and rastered text to the inside with an image on the front. Took a while to get the settings correct but it worked well in the end.

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