When I got to Maxwells upstairs last night the band was belting out “Love and only love will endure. Hate is everything you think it is…..”. What a great band. Shakey is a Neil Young and Crazy Horse tribute.

The purpose of my visit was to deliver the flying birthday card I made to Johnny Vegas. We had a great chat about memories of childhood. Everything from Cox airplanes to banana bikes.

And the flying card was a hit. Good thing I brought a few extra. 🙂 He said I should have put a Squirrel flying in the clouds on the card. 🙂 Seems people liked to wear the planes on their drinking glass or as a bracelet.

Oh, and the lovely Blond Terror is from the band Sweet Instincts. What a great singer.


to “Shakey

  • I have no sound on my computer. I’ll check if that’s a good youtube video shortly.