Tumbling Wing With News Print

I wanted some walkalong glider meetups so I drew up a newsprint design (based on a John Collins design). Ottawa Citizen’s Bruce Deachman covered the project and the design was printed as a cutout on Jan 8th (Web version: Winged wonders: Paper plane meetup lands in Ottawa). The Ottawa Citizen also published their own version of the instructions for the Tumbling Wing. The kickoff event was also covered by Alan Neal of CBC Radio and Ed Hand of 1310 News.

I had so much fun I decided to make my own foam walkalong glider design called I♥U Glider (hackaday, buy a foam glider) and a flying business card.

Below are pictures and video from the walkalong glider meetups (Atomic Rooster, ArtEngine, Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, Arts Court Theater and a quick drop in to Hub Ottawa).


Preparation for Walkalong Glider Events

I was thrilled that Phil Rossoni was coming up from Boston for the event so I wanted to make sure we had good venues to practice and show the various designs.

Here are some video and pictures from my adventures of testing out some of the planes and the venues.


9 Responses to “Tumbling Wing With News Print

  • You guys are all well on the way to walkalong glider fame here. I can show you what I’ve learned in the 10 or so years but I think you’re all flying ok. Great video! Great venue. I’ll bring everything I have to give you a little more.

    I’m not sure I’ll beable to live up to the label of expert.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!


    • Haha, 10 years = expert. 🙂

      I got a quick lesson from Slater Harrison a while back so that’s helpful. Apparently he learned a lot from you. 🙂

      I’m actually at Atomic right now. It’s a little breezy. But it’s extreme cold and the heating system is at high duty. There are only two vents. I think we can figure out how to deal with it.

      I’m just glad I’m not doing this on my own. Your help is not just inspiring but it will give more diversity to the event…

  • Just got some great feedback from John Collins. He said that the one wing up and one down moves the CG closer to the axis of rotation. So I’m gonna move to that for a while and see if the sink rate is better…

    He also mentioned that the air pusher can be a little more uniform. Silly me.


    • John Collins AKA the paper airplane guy, now there’s an expert! Congratulations on getting him to coach you.

  • The one I was flying at Arts Court is 9×2″. It might be 1/32 over 2″…