How to Make Rubber Stamp Business Cards

IMG_0253-1000I love my regular laser cut buisness card (and other business cards) but want to add capacity that doesn’t depend on heavier tooling. So I decided to try stamping.

I made a proof of concept by cutting the stamp from a piece of rubber using a CNC laser cutter. I got everything wrong but I still love the result (too much vector power removing stamp from work piece, not enough power on the engraving and software operation mistakes).

I made another that came out as planned so I have two versions. I started to use double sided tape to attach them to blocks (plus I glued more blocks to form a handle). Works great.

Putting the imprints in a matrix of the work piece sure makes cutting faster.

I’ve done a run on watercolor paper using acrylic ink, fountain pen ink and acrylic paint. I used a margarine lid to dip the stamp, a brush and also tried to ink the stamp from saturated paper. Non of it worked well but I learned a bit.


I did some on the backs of some experimental paintings. So the cards have a really cool back side.

I ran some laser cards at the same time and it dawned on my that I could stamp the laser cards that fail. Sometimes where there is a deep stack of paper on the laser the bottom ones don’t cut through properly. I just stamp them and run them on the sheer cutter just like the stamp cards. Higher yield.

I also turn cutoffs from card making and other waste to make cards.

How to Make a Rubber Stamp (Epilogue Laser)

Here’s the method I used (off top of my head will refine later).

  • Design your stamp using Inkscape.
  • Make sure the inking part of your stamp is black and the rest is white or no-fill. It’s important that the black is 100 percent opaque.
  • Reflect your stamp on the horizontal axis! Otherwise it will be a mirror image!
  • Create a “fence” around your stamp. Draw a container object around your stamp. It can be any closed shape. Make sure the thickness of the line is 1/1000″. The machine will remove all the material within the fence except of course your stamp.
  • Make the document size match the size of the stamp.
  • Make sure the stamp is centered within the document page frame.
  • Save-As-Copy to a PDF. Save the dimensions of the file into the file name.
  • Send the PDF to the machine as follows:
  • Set the precision to 500 or 1000. Make sure “center” is unchecked. Enter the document size. Select combined vector and raster. Set the vector to 100% power, 75% speed, 500Hz. Set raster power to 100% speed, 60% power. Go to advanced, select stamp. Set the shoulder to 25 and widening to 0. Make sure mirror and fence are unchecked.
  • Run that job. It will break the stamp surface.
  • Change the raster power to 7-20% depending on the depth you want (7 the deepest). Run the job again.
  • Remove your stamp.
  • It will be either cut out or nearly cut out. Finish it with a sharp knife.
  • Double sided tape it to a block. Add handle to block.
  • Stamp!

Ottawa Makerfaire

I used stamped cards at the Ottawa Makerfaire. I was quite busy leading up to the event and I didn’t have time to laser some cards. This saved the day. I used cut-offs from my drawing robot projects which gave them a lot of character.

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